Car Commercials

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Prisoner of Type


Car Commericals is the duo of David Sutton (Current Amnesia, Friends & Family) and Daniel DiMaggio (Home Blitz), two creeps from New Jersey; New Brunswick and Princeton, respectively. Messy-feeling'ed punk stumble.


Grant's Dead CS (2006, Leaf Leaf)
The Medium's Necklace CS (2006, Leaf Leaf)
A Young Victoriaville CS (2007, Leaf Leaf)
Jar 7" (2007, Leaf Leaf)
Judy's Dust LP (2008, Cenotaph)
Black 93 CS (2008, Fuck It Tapes)
Eric's Diary LP (2008, Soft Abuse)
Prisoner of Type 7" (2010, Soft Abuse)