Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month

New Release

Your Wicked Man


Donovan Quinn entered CDR cult consciousness in 2001 as half of the San Franciscan duo The Skygreen Leopards. Since then he's released several records with the SGL's, a few home-recorded affairs from his youth (under the Verdure banner), and a handful hi(gher)-fi studio records with his band, the 13th Month.


Cross and Satellite Station CD (2002, Lexicon Devil) [as Verdure]
Telescopic Dreampatterns CD (2004, Camera Obscura) [as Verdure]
October Lanterns CDR (2007, Puissant) [as Donovan Quinn]
Sister Alchemy 7" (2008, Soft Abuse)
Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month CD (2008, Soft Abuse)
Your Wicked Man CD (2010, Shrimper)
Your Wicked Man LP (2010, Soft Abuse)
Honkey Tonk Medusa CD/LP (Northern Spy, 2012)