Matthew De Gennaro

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Spark & Flame


Over the past decade, Matthew De Gennaro has quietly & steadily amassed a brilliant discography from his home studio in rural Webster Township, MI. Since his series of collaborative works with Alastair Galbraith, he's issued a handful of solo releases and worked in collaboration with the likes of Stefan Neville and Scott Tuma. Now based in Saint Paul, MN, De Gennaro continues to write, record, and further hone his craft.


Wire Music (with Alastair Galbraith) CD (1998, Corpus Hermeticum)
Two Wires Violin Loop (with Alastair Galbraith) CDR (1999, Epigogic)
Long Wires In Dark Museums (Vol. 1) (with Alastair Galbraith) CD (2000, Emperor Jones)
Under The Sun CDR (2002, Epigogic)
5 CDR (2003, Epigogic)
Humbled Down CD (2005, Last Visible Dog)
Lightworks CDR (2006, Epigogic)
A Guide For The Perplexed CD (2006, Epigogic)
From The Dark (South Island) - Long Wires In Dark Museums Vol. 2 (with Alastair Galbraith) CD (2006, Xeric)
Doings CDR (2009, Epigogic)
Women (with Stefan Neville) CS (2011, self-released)
Adversaria LP (2011, TU-134)
Chuang Tzu Motherfucker LP (2013, Soft Abuse)
Old Jack Somebody CS (2014, Soft Abuse)
Spark & Flame 7" (2016, Soft Abuse)