Tomorrow’s Eager Hands

First things first: The Battles are now known as Giantess.

Stephen Wood formed The Battles in 1997 to record and perform his songs.  The early incarnation of the band consisted of Wood, Scott Morgan (Loscil), Rob McBeth, Ted Hamilton and Dan Bejar (Destroyer, New Pornographers, Swan Lake). The group’s first appearance on record came in 1998, when their first single, Lycanthropy, appeared on the Vancouver Special compilation (Mint Records)Stephen, Scott and Dan along with John Collins and Jason Zumpano also kept busy at this time playing and recording as Destroyer.  2001 brought The Battles first CD, the self-released Lycanthropy, to critical acclaim.  At this point Ted and Dan departed for Montreal, and Tim Loewen, Josh Lindstrom (both of Precious Fathers) and Jeremy Schmidt  (more recently of Black Mountain) joined the group.  Shortly after opening for Guided by Voices, the group began recording Tomorrow’s Eager Hands at I.H.O.J. with the Silky Wizard.  This process took a long time, and after a series of stops and starts the album was finally released in 2005 via Soft Abuse.

By late 2005 Stephen had a new batch of songs and a new Battles line-up.  Ted Hamilton returned to the fray, and was joined by John Margetts on bass, Clare Kenny (Eye Lickers) on Casio and Omnichord, and Jaret Penner (Precious Fathers) laying down a slow sizzle on his guitar.  The band’s triumphant return to the Vancouver stage occurred on April 1, 2006.  Armed with new songs and new support, Stephen Wood and The Battles returned to the studio to record their third album, with John Collins and David Carswell at JC/DC Studios in Vancouver. In the process they've changed their named to Giantess.


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Mint Records
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Lycanthropy CD (2001, The Blue Curtain)
Tomorrow’s Eager Hands CD (2006, Soft Abuse)
Giantess CD (2007, Soft Abuse) [as Giantess]