Emboldened Navigator

Hailing from the hamlet of Victora, British Columbia, Frog Eyes create ecstatic gothic rock music like no other.  The group’s line-up is often in flux, but the core of the band is a constant.  Carey Mercer formed Frog Eyes after the demise of Blue Pine, a short-lived but brilliant quartet that released one album for Global Symphonic label before dissolving (What was to come would be even better, though).  For Frog Eyes, Mercer recruited Mike Rak (a Blue Pine bandmate), Spencer Krug (his then-roommate) and his wife, Melanie Campbell.  The quartet lost Krug to the wilds of Toronto (and soon, to Wolf Parade) early into their lifespan, but not before recording a lo-fi session in March 2001 (later known as Emboldened Navigator and the Seagull Dots) and another later in the year that would result in their debut, The Bloody Hand. The album established Mercer's frenzied approach to song, and launched comparisons to disparate music-makers like Crime and the City Solution, Tom Waits, Pere Ubu, The Rock*A*Teens and Arrington de Dionyso. A split single with Jerk with a Bomb soon followed. Four songs from the group's first session surfaced in early 2003 on a single from Soft Abuse called Emboldened Navigator. These songs revealed a more manic side to the band and created a non-linear transition between the first album and the second, their brilliant The Golden River.

In 2004 the band toured teh US and Europe as the backing band for Dan Bejar's Destroyer, recordeding an EP of retooled songs from Your Blues at the commencement of the jaunt. Notorious Lightning and Other Works would see the light of day in ealry 2005 on Merge/Soft Abuse. In the meantime the group signed to Absolutely Kosher and released the limited acoustic full length Ego Scriptor as well as The Folded Palm. Mercer also issued his solo debut as Blackout Beach during the summer. The band toured extensively in 2005, while Mercer and Melanie Campbell also found time to join the Victoria band Prancing Cat and the Spectacular Elements.

Frog Eyes toured heavily in 2006, and were reunited with Spencer Krug once again both live and in the studio. Absolutely Kosher released expanded reissues of the band's first two full lengths, and Spanish label Acuarela releaed the highly-experimental EP The Future is Inter-Disciplinary or Not At All. Mercer and Krug reunited with Destroyer's Dan Bejar to form Swan Lake as well, releasing their debut, Beast Moans, on Jagjaguwar. Admidst the activity, Frog Eyes somehow found time to return to the studio to record Tears of the Valedictorian, released May 1, 2007 on Absolutely Kosher.



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The Bloody Hand CD (2002, Global Symphonic)
Split with Jerk with A Bomb 7” (2002, Global Symphonic)
Emboldened Navigator 7” EP (2003, Soft Abuse)
The Golden River CD (2003, Animal World)
The Golden River LP (2003, Happy Home)
The Folded Palm CD (2005, Absolutely Kosher)
The Future is Inter-Disciplinary or Not At All CDEP (2006, Acuarela)
The Bloody Hand (expanded) CD reissue (2006, Absolutely Kosher)
The Golden River (expanded) CD reissue (2006, Absolutely Kosher)
The Tears of the Valedictorian CD/LP (2007, Absolutely Kosher)
Split with Hello, Blue Roses 7" (2008, Absolutely Kosher)