Alison Statton


Pants Yell! started in earnest the spring of 2003, while the members were attending art school in Boston, MA.  Practices were held in bedrooms and basements, then shows were played in other people's bedrooms and basements and then recordings were made in various bedrooms and basements.  

You have to grow up though and you have leave the house eventually. 

Studio time is booked and an album is released (Songs for Siblings).   Touring ensues and the next summer a 7" single is released, followed by more touring and recording and don't forget all of that school work, too.  The second full-length, Recent Drama, is released in the spring of 2006 and the band drives around the country again to play shows and even takes a plane to perform throughout Europe.  They do a radio session for John Peel's son, eat indian food in Sweden and swim in a sulfuric bath in Iceland.  Plan B Magazine even publishes a glowing review of their London gig.

Pants Yell! is Andrew Churchman, Sterling Bryant and Casey Keenan.  Alison Statton, their new album, will be released by Soft Abuse in December 2007. Popfrenzy will release the album to Australian and New Zealand fans in February 2008, with the addition of a bonus track.

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The Paper Cities
Our Horse Calls cassette (2003, Best Kept Secret)
Songs for Siblings CD (2004, Asaurus)
'83 in '05 7" (2005, The Paper Cities)
Recent Drama CD (2006, Asaurus/The Paper Cities)
Live in a Living Room 7" [lathe] (2007, Soft Abuse)
Alison Statton CD (2007, Soft Abuse)
Alison Statton CD (2008, Popfrenzy)
Received Pronunciation CD / LP(2009, Slumberland)