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Pumice's PUNY rides the existential rails, frothing forth into a fog laden with static heaps & acerbic musings. Pumice's lone heart/voice is Stefan Neville (operating solo quorum), and PUNY is the first album he's distilled in four years following an-album-a-year pace & touring life in years prior. These new songs stem from the best & worst moments of a life-changing relationship for Neville; the breakdowns and crack-ups are equally represented. PUNY serves as a trophy of these toils.

PUNY is as downcast as it is transformative, slowly burrowing under your skin with insidious (and buried) melodies, malaise and raw beauty. PUNY marks another step beyond the usual NZ underground comparisons for Neville's songs; Scottish organ dirges are balanced with voice-driven doo wop haka experiments, stumbling twang, and minor-key pop strumming delivered as only Pumice can. Another wistful & unique - yet familiar - offering from this modern pakeha noise-pop auteur.

Track list

01. Hey Crap Crab
02. Stink Moon
03. Ready to Rot
04. Trophy
05. Coeliacs Bring a Plate
06. Covered in Spiders
07. Hump Piss
08. Smell the Towel
09. Cuachag Nan Craobh


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