Too Dumb to Live, Too Stoned to Die
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Suspensers operate in the shadows of New York City, occasionally surfacing to share their doses with unsuspecting basement show-goers. Borne from the mind and lips of Ted Robinson, pusher of the finest acid-country tunes heard in an age, Suspensers formed in the wake of a relocation from Asheville, and have since settled into the city's invisible fringe. Robinson's membership in D. Charles Speer & The Helix informs what's happening here, though Suspensers' songs dwell in the foothills of that traditionalism, and offer a far wilder vision of hillbilly music; traces of Charlies Tweddle and Feathers bubble up repeatedly.

Track list

01. Trouble
02. Time is All
03. I'm Legs (version)
04. Duio
05. All You Little
06. Friday Afternoon
07. The Opener
08. Strings & Wood
09. I'm Legs
10. Raise Your Rockets
11. Spinsow
12. All You Little (version)
13. MOB
14. Time is All (version)


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