Matthew De Gennaro
Chuang Tzu Motherfucker
LP / MP3
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Matthew De Gennaro's music revels in fortuitous situations. From his start in the public ear, coaxing harmonic drones from steel cables in tandem with Alastair Galbraith up thru the present, where the beauty of chance eases into his reverent compositions. His unassailable new solo LP, Chuang Tzu Motherfucker, the tenth he's produced to date, unfurls like a deep, sustained exhalation. With guitar, organs, claves and plaintive fiddle, De Gennaro crafts a series of out-of-time melancholic pieces informed by the isolated environs of his home and studio in rural Michigan.

Track list

01. Butterfly Companion
02. Forty (for Pip Proud)
03. Alley Violinist
04. Sugar Hill
05. Shangaan Dance
06. The Plumb Line / Bells for Mompou
07. Tranquility Blues
08. Hymno al Sol


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