Carter Thornton
Mapping the Ghost Vol. I: The Dirt Path To The Field
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New York guitarist Carter Thornton has manipulated sound in mysterious underground corners for decades his contributions to No Neck Blues Band satellites, doom/drone metal ensemble Gnaw (with Alan Dubin of Khanate), avant-pop group Pigeons, and the mostly-solo endeavor Zashiki-Warashi are sufficiently divergent for even the most atuned seeker. Releases under his given name are scant but very heavy; Ten Fingers for Forefathers remains one of the more adventurous solo guitar statements of the past decade.

His latest work, several years in the making, is conceived as a series called Mapping the Ghost. Thornton returned to his given name for this highly personal, though not expressly confessional music, which unfolds via a series of hints constructed by Thornton alone, using traditional instrumentation, found sounds, field recordings, F/X and more. Volume One tramples through a host of environments, from (fairly) straightforward string pieces to uncompromising collage fever dreams and various points in-between. Volume Two will be released early in 2016.

Track list

01. The Dirt Path
02. The Field
03. Ruins
04. The Duct
05. The Church
06. The Fire Pit
07. Ghost Organ / Wooden Pier
08. Day I Left The Prison
09. The Ditch
10. Old and Blind
11. The Field II