First off -- we're in the midst of a minor site design. Hello, 21st century (almost)! Look for the redesign to flop over in the coming weeks & please write me if you encounter anything weird in the meantime.

Pigeons have a mind-blowing / -expanding new album, They Sweetheartstammers, which will be released November 8 (earlier digitally). The band is currently in the midst of UK/Euro shows, and will play the Soft Abuse / DeStijl / Chouette CMJ gig later in the month (Facebook invite here). While you're waiting for the new one, cehck out the live in-studio session at our Soundcloud page - it's killer.

Brute Heart are playing a few CMJ gigs as well, but sadl not the aforementioned gig due to scheduling conlicts galore. Info is at our events page -- they are not to be missed!

New releases available now include -
Julian Lynch - Music for How Mata Hari Lost Her Head and Found Her Body 7"
Primitive Motion - By Arc or Chord CS

Happening soon -
Pigeons - They Sweetheartstammers CS / LP
Ulaan Khol - La Catacomb CS


Yours truly is out of town for about seven days -- orders received during that time will ship promptly upon my return.

There's some great new stuff out now - Brute Heart's Lonely Hunter album (CD / CS / LP)!! Pumice's Pebbles LP, remastered & limited (CD / CCS still available, too)!! New stuff upcoming from Primitive Motion, Ulaan Khol, Pigeons and Pumice, stay tuned...

Donovan Quinn is now on tour with Six Organs of Admittance, see him if you can!

More soon...


Now available! The debut single from Australia's pre-eminent minimal pop duo Primitive Motion, Certain Materials. The duo are streamrolling ahead, finishing up their debut album for release later this summer.

Pigeons, expanded to a four-piece with Jason Meagher (NNCK, Coach Fingers) on bass and Nathan Bowles (Black Twig Pickers, Pelt) on drums, are now on tour. Check our events page for the full list of dates. Yours truly plans to attend the Pensacola and New Orleans shows next week.

We're thrilled about the upcoming Brute Heart full-length, due in late May. The trio is the best band in Minneapolis, and we're thrilled to help bring their brilliant new album, Lonely Hunter, to life. Their self-released debut LP is for sale in our distributed section (last copies?), too. West coast tour in June is also in the works.

Look for the Pumice LP reissue of Pebbles in the coming months, as well as more from Horrid Red...


Horrid Red's brilliant Pink Flowers EP is now available! The cassette version is now out of print - check our distributors if you're looking for a copy... 7" is still on hand at the moment. Look for some exciting Horrid Red news in the coming weeks.

Up next is the debut from Primitive Motion, hailing from Brisbane, Australia. Their Certain Materials EP is due March 15 & is now available for pre-order.

Pigeons are headed out on tour again, this time with friends D. Charles Speer. More dates are in the works, but for now check the events page.

Lots brewing here, including new releases from Pumice and Brute Heart in the coming months. A few other surprises, too, more details to come...


Yours truly will be away for the better part of a week; all orders will be filled upon my return.

Liasons from Pigeons is out now, everywhere. The Pigeons / Fabulous Diamonds US tour is rolling right along, in fact they're in Phoenix tonight with Eddy Detroit (!!).

Some new addtions to our distributed catalog -
BRUTE HEART Brass Beads LP + DL [Self-Released (USA), 2009]
PUMICE Worldwide Gullet CDR [Nyali (UK), 2010]
SUNKEN New Zealand Eels LP [Emerald Cocoon (US), 2010]

Up next on Soft Abuse: three song 7" from Horrid Red.